AURUM PUMPEN GMBH manufacturers industrial solids pumps. Our Habermann Line HPK is especially designed for challenging application in chemical processing. The centrifugal pumps of HPK series have an easy-replaceable elastic lining made of polyurethane or rubber. The main features of these elastic materials create a so-called “trampoline effect”, which means they have great advantages in wear process compared to metallic casting materials. The innovative Aurum-Polyurethane is available in three different grades, depending on the medium that comes in direct contact with wear parts, its temperature starting from - 30 up to +95°C and pH level from 0-14, which is suitable for acids and alkalis. In cases where the temperature rate varies from 100-130°C, special rubber materials are applied. HPK Pump is mainly used for applications in abrasive/corrosive medium with maximum grain size up to 5 mm, in special cases up to 10 mm. The performance range of the HPK Pump is capacity up to 4600 m3/h, head up to 70 m.FL.S, speed up to 2950 min-1, depending on the construction size, DN32 up to DN500.

HPK Pump is available in a choice of designs like horizontal, vertical and froth pumps and can be supplied in different durable materials like thermoplastics, polyurethane and cast chrome steels for a wide range of chemical applications.

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